Introducing "ROUTE": 100% Secured Shipping Insurance Against Lost Orders, Theft and Damaged Products

We know how frustrating it can be if your long-awaited order is lost in transit, arrives broken or maybe even is stolen from your porch if left by a negligent delivery service. Therefore we introduce Route. With Route, for a small extra fee (2%) of your total order, we fully protect your order. From the moment of the purchase until the moment you have your order in perfect condition in your hands. If in any case your order is lost in transit, stolen or arrives damaged, within the website and App, with one-click, your issue will be resolved. Either you'll get an immediate reship of your order, or you can request a refund*. No questions asked. 100%. Get Peace Of Mind, Get Route, we've got you covered.



Refunds are being refunded by via Paypal only!

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