Grasscity.com Support Apr 18 Announcements

Dear Customers of Grasscity.com,

On the 18th of April our annual 420 SALE will start, all our products will be discounted 25% upon entering your discount code in at the checkout page. Please make sure to enter your coupon code: GC420  correctly and do NOT use spaces! 

The code is also valid for already discounted items and will add  the discount on top of the already discounted products.

See below for the correct way to enter your coupon code while at the checkout page.



Enjoy your Easter and Happy 420!

The Grasscity Team

Grasscity.com Support June 01, 2011 Announcements

How does this thing work? Users can either email requests to support@grasscity.com or submit requests on line here. Just request a support ticket and enter your question, we will try to answer you within 72 hours on business days.

Requests appear in your email inbox . All communication is recorded right here in your help-desk and both you and our support employees are notified of all ticket updates. You can login into your help-desk  and reply or simply reply via email. When emailing us please include your order number if you have placed an order.

Before sending in a support request, please take a look at our knowledge base, many questions you might have, could be answered by reading the FAQ section. Also you will find general information about our company and our policies. We are sure this on line help-desk will get you the answers you are looking for.

We are here to help you!

The Grasscity.com Support Team

Guy Descartes December 16, 2013 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

You may receive and email letting you know that your order is under review. Below is an explanation of what it does entail.

In Review means that we have received your order and your payment has been authorized but, some extra measures are needed and we ask you to be patient as those extra measures do take up to two (2) business days to clear.


There three outcomes to those measures:


1-Approved: Your order has been approved and is being processed.


2-Declined: Your order has been declined and has been canceled and your payment authorization is now void and the order will not be charged to your card.


3-Escalated: Your order has been flagged and is being passed on to a senior associate that will contact you within two (2) business days to ask for extra verification.

Guy Descartes April 09, 2013 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The only instagram account for grasscity.com is 


Any promotions, discounts, coupons etc offered through other accounts will not be honored.

Guy Descartes December 28, 2012 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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